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Energy certificate

According to the Bylaw on the energy certification of the buildings, every building or appartment must have an energy certificate.
Energy certificate is a document of a proposed content and appearance, which has basic information on the building, energy level of the building, data of the person who issued the certificate, data of the termo-technical systems, climate data, data of the necessary energy for the referential and real climate data, explanations of the technical terms and set of implied rules and norms.

The energy certificate reflects the energy qualities of a building, in a way that it gives information about a specific annual necessary thermal energy for heating, per area unit (square meter) on grounds of pre-supposed regime of building usage.

Residential and non-residential buildings are enlisted in 8 energy levels, from A+ to G, A+ being the energetically most favorable, G energetically least favorable. The building with a higher energy level means a better quality of life and work, which comes from the less temperature shifts, and lower costs of heating and cooling in comparison with a building of a lower energetic level. High energetic certificates, A+ and A, usually require sustainable sources of energy, which reduce total usage of energy per square meter. Classic new buildings of a high-quality thermal protection are usually not lower than B.

The energy certificate is valid for 10 years.

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